Our Partners

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Korea Flange Co., Ltd.

- Operating three business fields of automobile parts, flange, and industrial
   machineries and equipments
- Received the certification of the post evaluation on ISO9002 in the field of
   automobile parts and QS9000 (LRQA) quality management system
- Opened Seohan Auxiliary Technology Research Center of Korea Flange Co. Ltd
   in 1996 to focus on the research of automobile parts

Seohan Group

- Seohan Group is the company specialized in the core part necessary for the
   manufacturing of automobiles.
   The Seohan Group has been manufacturing the products for constant
   velocity and chassis of automobile to solidify its position in domestic and
   overseas markets.
- In 1996, the Seohan Group opened the Seohan Auxiliary Research Center
   of Korea Flange to have focused on the research on automobile parts.

Dongbo Co., Ltd.

- Dongbo, in order to develop to a global leading company of automobile
   part industry, has set the work standard of higher level under the slogan
   of "Higher Standards" and secured the competitive superiority.
- Dongbo has made it possible to secure the world level technology and
   quality but also continued to the manufacturing of excellent products,
   which helps the products of Dongbo receive the world recognition.


- DANA is one of suppliers for the world best power transfer equipment.
   DANA carries the drive train system of perfect technology, and sedan, CUV, SUV,
   van and light truck. DANA is the company that has been doing business with
   automobile BIC3 such as Chrysler and GM that provide customers with perfectly
   optimized Spicer® Drive Train System and the individual production solution.